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Elder Law

 Providing assistance to seniors who are advanced in age and may be receiving care at home or at a nursing home.  This most often includes “crisis planning” for those who are already in need of care but have not made preparations to protect their assets through estate planning.

Estate Planning

Estate planning should occur in two phases during your life: Phase I  - (average age of client: 25-55) – Woodford Law recommends that clients undergo estate planning when they first own property with another individual, get married, or have a child.  At this time, it is important to set up health care proxies, power-of-attorney’s will, and a revocable trust.

 Phase II – (average age of client: 55-75) – Woodford Law recommends that seniors undergo a review of their existing estate planning and establish irrevocable trusts to protect their assets well ahead of the five year lookback

Probate Law

Probate of a Will – When someone passes away with an asset owned in their name alone, Woodford Law can “probate” the will.  


Establish Guardianship/Conservatorship – Woodford & Fraser is able to serve as a professional fiduciary for those in need.

LLC & Corporate Law

Many sole proprietors, partners, and small businesses act as their own employer, operating without the shield of an LLC or corporation.  This exposes the owners of these businesses to unnecessary levels of risk including exposing their personal home and assets to litigation.  Whether you operate a small part-time business out of your home or you run a full-time business with several employees, incorporating your company is a simple and straightforward process which can offer significant benefits.

Real Estate Law

For many individuals, buying or selling a home is the single largest investment decision they will make.  At Woodford & Fraser Law P.C., we understand the emotional and financial impact of this decision and offer sound counsel through the process.


About our Firm
Woodford & Fraser Law P.C.

Woodford & Fraser Law P.C. is a South Shore, Massachusetts-based law firm specializing in Elder law, Medicaid Planning, Estate Planning, and Probate.  It is a boutique firm that prides itself on offering caring, thoughtful, and personalized service.  Senior Partner, Bryan Woodford has personally helped thousands of seniors get on Medicaid benefits and takes pride in the fact that most of our business originates from referrals and existing clients. Junior Partner Michaila Fraser has a demonstrated history with Conservatorship/Guardianship work as well as Estate planning. 


 Please reach out to us by phone or by using our contact form below to schedule a cost-free consultation.




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